September 12, 2017

Experimentation with own health

India, is the world’s largest democracy. It allows us the freedom to do what we think is right and what pleases us. One of the things […]
September 12, 2017

Rest your mind

What is the easiest thing to do? Sleeping, eating, watching TV, playing a mobile game or would it be lying down doing nothing! In today’s busy […]
January 28, 2016

Schizophrenia can be defeated

“I Hope it is not Schizophrenia?!” This is a question that I get asked frequently by family members after the first assessment. It is as if […]
July 13, 2015

Rahul Yadav, come lets talk!

Rahul Yadav, who was the CEO of Housing.com has been in the news recently. I am writing about him as an example of why people should […]
June 16, 2015

Depression is a very bad illness!

Following is an edited transcribed version of a consultation 2.5 years back. Today, the person drives to part time work 4 days a week. He smiles […]
January 30, 2015

Deepika Padukone had Depression, she is now well

Deepika Padukone opened up about having depression during the shooting of Happy New Year. Media reports that I read mentioned how she had initially struggled with […]
June 18, 2014

Relationship Counselling-Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask? Marriage is a merger of two minds. Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, urban men and […]
January 8, 2014

Infidelity-a behavior or a disorder?!

After 14 years of practicing psychiatry, things often seem repetitive and standard. Dealing with depression and anxiety most of the time, prescribing the same medicines, listening […]
January 8, 2014

Scolding your child?

Kids are a bundle of energy. They love to play, do things, make noise and enjoy. As an adult, more often than not, we too enjoy […]
January 8, 2014

Psychological issues in children in creches, day centres

Rapid urbanization is one of the consequences of India’s rising income. As an offset though, life in cities has become costlier and busier. Both parents are […]