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June 16, 2015
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Rahul Yadav, come lets talk!

Rahul Yadav, who was the CEO of has been in the news recently. I am writing about him as an example of why people should always have a Psychiatrist as their consulting doctor especially when under stress. His behavior, at least what has been in the public domain, give me enough reasons to worry.
What do I know of him?
His college days included pizzas and innovative websites. But he moved from one website to another to a third very fast and in the process left his graduation unfinished. Before that he had a brief internship in Israel, and a period of working for Google building apps. As he built up Housing through tech innovation and bigger funding, he faced challenges in dealing with ‘investors’.
In 2015, first SoftBank VP Nikesh Arora resigned from the board after Yadav attacked VC firm Sequoia for its apparent efforts to poach his staff.
Yadav tendered his resignation in May, berating the company’s investors, and gave up his entire share in the company to the staff; only to stay on in his role after all.  Charity or shrewd: I think it was impulsive.
Soon after, in a Reddit AMA he made some mocking comments towards other startup CEOs.
Things worsened in June when he appeared to be suggesting that the company was entering into ten different areas of business and that he would be group CEO etc. His feisty attitude continued despite the axing from his own company as he put out a message suggesting he was still good.
My opinion
I am concerned about the guy. I think he definitely needs to sit down with me for a no time limit chat. I want to explore what thoughts does his head retain and how many new ideas are there. Are they overwhelming him so much that he fails to pay any attention to himself the son, the student, the friend or himself the person? Does he feel so happy with all that he does that he does not have time to be happy due to what others do or create? Apparently he hasn’t watched TV for the last 11 years.
I want to know does he sleep and if so how much? Does he dream of new ventures when he sleeps or does he have a fit deep slumber which rests him; rest which his mind and body needs.
Rahul must have family. How does he get along with them? Has he visited them in the last few years and if so what does he do then, sleep, talk, eat . . . or relax? Does he ever relax!!??
There is no doubt that he is creative but is it going to last. He needs to last the whole hog or he is going to get into harm mode for self or others. Society will suffer if Rahul’s ability is not harnessed and given direction before he loses it.
Having racing thoughts are both creative and insane! Which one is it that you have-come let’s find out!
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