What Can He Do For You

Face to face consultation

  • A personal meeting with the patient and family/friends is useful for initial assessment and diagnosis

TeleConsultation (via the phone, mail or chat)

  • If you or the patient is unable to come to the clinic for a face to face consultation, you can consult via email or web chat (skype, gtalk or yahoo messenger)

  • Any advise given in these situations is dependant on the information that is provided. Such a consultation and the resultant advise may not stand scrutiny in a court of law
  • Payment in these situations is made via cash/cheque deposit or electronic bank transfer. Please refer the details here


Treatment planning

  • Once a diagnosis has been established, a treatment plan is decided and agreed


  • Regular follow up is important when dealing with mental health problems.
  • Whether it is further consultations, phone calls or email support, it is essential that the patient and psychiatrist monitor how effective the treatment is and what, if any, changes need to be implemented.

Inpatient assessment and treatment

  • Patients suffering from depression, psychosis, dependence on substances like alcohol, opioids or alcohol etc; can be admitted to a private hospital. However, it is essential that an attendant or family member be present at all times with the patient. Further, the patient should have some degree of agreement to stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, we cannot offer involuntary admission i.e admission to patients who do not have any willingness to be admitted or who are very violent

Second opinion

  • If you have been under treatment for mental health problems and are looking for a second opinion, please feel free to contact Dr Maneesh Gupta. It is essential though that you have most, if not all details of the treatments you have had.
  • Second opinion may be required for a court report or medical negligence claims. (Extra charges may apply)