Organizational input

Dr. Maneesh is open to working with organizations which are active in the field of health especially mental health issues. This could take the form of advisory or consultative inputs, with the role later extending to the assessment and monitoring of services being provided.

Old Age Homes

Dr. Maneesh is extremely interested in helping old age homes set up mental health care systems for those residents who may have emergent or established psychiatric symptoms. Such systems are essential to help identify elderly persons who may be developing dementia and require changes in their immediate environment to make it easier for them to cope and manage despite the illness. This will and should also include training of staff members who are the first care givers for persons with dementia living in an old age home.


India is the second most populous country in the world. Yet, most therapeutic interventions in mental health (medicines or psychotherapy) are scientifically untested (and unreported) on the Indian patient. Dr. Maneesh’s active interest in research began from Lucknow, where he conducted a Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy study in patients suffering from Depression. He published various papers while he was in UK and wants strongly to continue this while he is in India. Any institution, organization, hospital or nursing home with an interest in research, are welcome to contact me for collaborative research proposals.


Schools and other organizations are invited to propose teaching sessions or workshops for primary school teachers on mental health issues in primary school children.

Courts/legal profession

Courts are increasingly taking the help of expert witnesses to resolve issues related to mental health of victims, alleged perpetrators and witnesses. Dr. Maneesh has extensive experience in writing court reports on specific issues related to mental health issues in England and N. Ireland. Legal professionals can opt for an independent court report by Dr. Maneesh as an expert witness in cases where mental health issues plays an important part in the courts’ decision making. This can include but is not limited to the quality of care provided by a health care establishment/professional and the consequences of their acts of commission or omission.


Information on mental health is widespread and easily available through magazines and newspapers apart from websites. Despite this, occasionally journalists-print or electronic, need an expert perspective on social and/or mental/psychiatric issues that are being discussed or debated by our society. All are welcome to email or ring me for such a purpose. Websites are already including Dr. Maneesh in the panel of experts for writing brief informative articles or/and answering visitors’ queries.