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January 28, 2016
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Rest your mind

What is the easiest thing to do?

Sleeping, eating, watching TV, playing a mobile game or would it be lying down doing nothing!

In today’s busy urban lifestyle, finding the time to do nothing is itself a big task. But if we do lie down then can you make your mind do nothing? Can your mind not think about what happened today or what will happen the next day? The constant activity and thoughts means that rest for the mind is not happening. Restful mind is what I would term relaxation.

Give your mind a 5 minute break. Let it not do anything at all. No thoughts, no planning, no reflections, no emotions, no perspectives. It is this act of not thinking which should have been the easiest thing to do but which is becoming the most difficult thing to achieve. This is an initial, easy way to fight stress and to make your mind rest, rejuvenate itself naturally.

Lie down. Think nothing. Lie down. Banish thoughts. Lie down and relax. The hardest part is finding the time to do it. Dedicate, schedule, decide and plan. At night, if you try and do this, you are likely to go to sleep. In the morning ‘no time! I am getting ready to go to work!’ Daytime? You are at work. So the challenge for you is to develop a routine where at least 5 minutes of your time is spent doing nothing. And once you are able to find that time then keep practicing. Lying down without moving a limb and without having a thought. Give your body and mind the rest it needs and the rest it deserves so that your healthy body and healthy mind can continue to serve you for long.

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