Movies and Mental Health

I am writing this page to express my views as a Psychiatrist about films that we see and are influenced from. My perspective is neither that of a film reviewer nor that of a film viewer, but is that of a mental health professional who will opine about what has been shown, why has it been shown, what the psychiatric/psychological meaning could be of the characters and the story AND what its influence could be on the psyche of people who view films.

Gemini Man movie
Gemini Man

Burn the movie

Ben is poster back movie
Ben is Back

American Hangman Movie poster
American Hangman

Manmarziyaan movie poster

Three summers movie poster
three summers

flower movie poster


Meri Nimmo movie poster

Meri nimmo

Unsane movie poster


Adventures in Public School movie poster

Adventures in public school

Baaghi 2 movie poster

Baaghi 2