What can a Psychiatrist NOT do?

मेरी दीदी डिप्रेशन में है और वो एक्सेप्ट नहीं कर रहीं हैं की वो डिप्रेशन में है। उन्हें लगता है उसके मित्र, पड़ोसी और कोउसिंस उसके अगेंस्ट है और वो उन्हें देखना भी पसंद नहीं करती। इसके लिए हम क्या करें?
January 5, 2014
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January 5, 2014
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What can a Psychiatrist NOT do?

Very good question! Even though Psychiatrist have undergone training to assess and manage disorders of the mind, there is still much to learn and know. As responsible professionals we are and should be aware of our limitations.

a. We cannot change your temperament. If you have been an introvert before you became unwell, we cannot make you an extrovert (or vice versa).

b. We cannot make changes within days. It takes us weeks and often months to bring about realistic and palpable changes. Be patient!

c. We cannot always explain or solve all your problems. We can take it step by step. Work with us, believe in us and YOU shall succeed.

d. We cannot explain the actions of other doctors, hospitals or mental health professionals. Their decisions may have been based on information that I do not have at hand, and hence my comment may be wrong and therefore inappropriate.


e. We cannot, in one session, make your child eat vegetables or rice or egg or even chapati, if (s)he has had this habit for long. We can help the parents use behavioral measures to encourage the child to accept non-junk food, but it will take time!!

f. If your family member is unwell and has been indulging in asocial habits like not brushing, not taking a bath, not meeting relatives, please do not ask us to “counsel” him/her regarding this. Once recovery starts, these will change by themselves.